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an inbred racist redneck who can't accept the idea of a black man in the White House so they make up ridiculous lies about Barack Obama
According to U.S. law there are 2 ways a person can be considered a natural born citizen:

1. Law of the soil
Anyone born on U.S. soil is automatically considered a natural born citizen no matter where their parents were from and even if their parents were in the country illegally.

2. Law of the blood
If a person has at least one parent who is a U.S. citizen they are automatically considered a natural born citizen no matter where they are born.

John McCain was born in Panama but his parents were U.S. citizens so McCain is a natural born citizen by law of the blood. Barack Obama was born in the state of Hawaii so he is a natural born citizen by law of the soil. Even if Obama had been born in Kenya or some other country as the birther morons have alleged his mother was a U.S. citizen so he would still be a natural born citizen by law of the blood.
by SKY_DOG March 16, 2011
a policy many states have in which drivers licenses are sent through the mail instead of being issued in person so that someone can simply steal drivers licenses out of people's mailboxes making it much easier to commit identity theft
I just got my drivers license renewed and thanks to the Identity Theft Enabler's Act somebody stole my license out of my mailbox and used it to get 6 credit cards in my name!
by SKY_DOG April 22, 2011
A way of saying something important has actually been accomplished for real, while at the same time mocking former president George W. Bush
On May 1,2003 George W Bush landed on the deck of the U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln for a photo-op wearing a flight suit and declared "Mission Accomplished" in Iraq when in fact the war had just begun and absolutuly nothing had been accomplished. Exactly 8 years later Osama bin Laden was killed in Pakistan by Navy Seals, this is an example of Mission Accomplished and not in a Bush way.
by SKY_DOG May 22, 2011
A system of Fiscal sabotage also known as voodoo economics put in place by Ronald Reagan
Reaganomics shifted the tax burden from the wealthy to the middle class, real income plummeted for most Americans while CEO salaries and the national debt sored!
by SKY_DOG September 10, 2011
A feature found on many newer cars in which the doors lock automatically either when the car is put in gear or when it reaches a certain speed, reminiscent of the car in the Stephen King book/movie "Christine"
My girlfriend is really claustrophobic and whenever we go anywhere in my car she always freaks out as soon as the Christine locks engage.
by SKY_DOG September 04, 2011

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