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Verb- The practice of celebrating one’s birthday on a different day because that person’s actual birthday is not convenient for the party thrower(s).
John: Dude… Jane is going to be so pissed off when we celebrate her birthday on Friday instead of her real birthday date on Wednesday. Missy isn’t going to be here on Wednesday so she forced us to pull a Birthday-shift.
by Zeke489 May 06, 2009
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The need to reorganize a birthday celebration for someone who is too busy working or out of town on his or her birthday.
"Crap I'm going to be out of town on my birthday. I hope Sandra isn't going to mind pulling a birthday-shift for me."

"Don't worry, Chris, she's knows, she's hiding a present in the glove box of your car and she's got your real birthday planned for another day."
by birthday_administrator April 25, 2010

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