aka Brom, Brummagem, etc
a historical English city of great import that often gets a bad rap.
Queen of the West Midlands, King of the Hill, and you can fly out of there, too.
I grew up in the Bull Ring in Birmingham, so people think I talk funny.
They named a town in Alabama after my city, so there is a Brom in the New World, too.
by adam_before_eve April 16, 2006
Usually regarded as Britain's second city, although jealous Mancunians have started a web based propaganda campaign to take this title for themselves.

In reality, they can have it - although the title should maybe go to Glasgow (historiacally) or to Leeds (by size). Birmingham should really be the first city.

It depends how you define a city - The actual City of London is tiny. So is the City of Westmister. The rest of London is an urban sprawl of various towns, cities and suburbia. 'Greater London' is very big - but does not have city status.

Birmingham is the biggest "City" in Britain by a very substantial margin
City Of Birmingham. Population: 970,892
City Of Leeds. Population: 715,404
City Of Glasgow. Population: 577,869
City Of Sheffield. Population: 513,234
City Of Bradford. Population: 467,665
City Of Edinborough. Population: 448,624
City Of Liverpool. Population: 439,477
City Of Manchester. Population: 392,819
City Of London. Population: 7,800

Remember, these are the cities, not the urban sprawls around them. Data is from the 2001 census.
by SAHBfan December 05, 2008
The biggest city in Alabama also called the magic city a major city in the civil right days
now its a fast growing city full of stuff
but is the 7th most dangerous cities in the U.S. in 2005 top 10 but its still a cool city
Birmingham has the oldest hbcu classic the Magic City Classic
by AWAL September 05, 2006
The 2nd-biggest city in the UK, however in city terms, it is the biggest in Western Europe, having 1.1mn people living within one metropolitan district.

Has more canals than Venice.

Has an area of about 300 sq. km (100 sq. mi). Without Brum, not only would there be no guns (most bullets and guns are made to Brum standards), but half of things would not exist due to the progress made by Brummies in the industrial revolution, including municipal government (making Birmingham the oldest local authority in the world), the gas lamp, and the original Mini, the discovery of oxygen, the use of cotton wool in medicine, state banks, plastics, the steam engine.

Oh, and the bus stop and the bus timetable.

It's very multicultural - there's a mosque, a Christian youth group, and a KFC within 200m of each other.

Every single motorway passes through the city.

It's great for a night out, and the Bullring is the largest mall (by footfalls and shops per sq. m) in Europe.

It has more curry houses on one street than the Asians do.

Birmingham Uni is the first public uni in the West. In fact, UoB is nearly at breakthrough for a cancer drug.

Home of the Civil Rights movement.

Birmingham is not a concrete jungle. It has more greenery than Paris. The green in the city has made it won Greenest City 14 years in a row.

Several famous places are named after areas of Birmingham; Hollywood, Broadway, and California!

So, to conclude: Suck it London.
Alice: Birmingham? That backwater place in the Midlands?
Bob: No, jackass. Stop breathing, and get off at the next stop, because Brummies discovered both of those things.

Alice: This London curry sucks.
Bob: Time to get in our Mini! Alice... TO BIRMINGHAM!
by Inhopeless May 07, 2011

1 London 7,172,091
2 Birmingham 1,000,892
3 Glasgow 629,501
4 Liverpool 469,017
5 Leeds 443,247
6 Sheffield 439,866
7 Edinburgh 430,082
8 Bristol 420,556
9 Manchester 394,269
Birmingham overtook the small mill town of manchester about 100 years ago!
by Anthony H Wilson August 30, 2008
Uncondition love that cannot be described in words. The best feeling on earth occurs when you get it.
My chic just painted me a birmingham, damn I love her!
by imwaitin4ya December 24, 2004
despite being from Solihull, (Sillhillian?) i consider myself to be a brummie, the place probably wont mean much to someone who's not from there but it's a nice city however you look at it, it has great nightlife, all the shops you could want, places to hang around and some of the best live venues in the country. and it has a lot more culture and history than you might expect, we just don't feel the need to put statues everywhere like they do in London

I've been to Cairo, Dublin, The Carribean, Greece, London and many other places yet i miss Birmingham when i'm not there and i have an attachment to the place, just avoid Sparkhill, its a shit hole
dude did you know Boy George used to work in the Oasis Market?

wow!, theres a lot i didn't know about Birmingham
by theamazingjt March 20, 2011

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