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5 definitions by theamazingjt

a female rapper from the US who is so completely insane that she makes Lady GaGa, look kind of boring
OMFG have you heard Nicki Minaj's verse on Kanyes' Monster?
this girl, is MENTAL
by theamazingjt January 23, 2011
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one of the best and most influential bands of all time.
they sounded like nothing before them and no one has sounded anything like them since. while at first i dudn't really like them them the more in listened to them the more i loved them and i now listen to them everyday. this is the band that single handedly invented post- punk ad ian curtis was a true genuius.
me: i love

"Joy Division!"

my gf: your so weird
by theamazingjt May 26, 2010
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a very smart bloke, everyone knows he thought of the theory of relativity and the formula E-MC squared.

no one can explain any of it
say wasn't Albert Einstein at Princeton? ... you know i heard he argued with his wife , crazy huh? a guy like that, a genius even he couldn't figure out women!
by theamazingjt March 20, 2011
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despite being from Solihull, (Sillhillian?) i consider myself to be a brummie, the place probably wont mean much to someone who's not from there but it's a nice city however you look at it, it has great nightlife, all the shops you could want, places to hang around and some of the best live venues in the country. and it has a lot more culture and history than you might expect, we just don't feel the need to put statues everywhere like they do in London

I've been to Cairo, Dublin, The Carribean, Greece, London and many other places yet i miss Birmingham when i'm not there and i have an attachment to the place, just avoid Sparkhill, its a shit hole
dude did you know Boy George used to work in the Oasis Market?

wow!, theres a lot i didn't know about Birmingham
by theamazingjt March 20, 2011
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my college luckily enough has a supermarket right next door (we call it Chuck Norrissons) - the clue is kind of in the name.

usually a Morrisons breakfast is just a mix of all the sweets doh-nuts and chocolate that you can get you hands on for as little money as possible and that your mum would never want you to eat first thing in the morning
I was up all night last night and haven't eaten anything. anyone want a morrisons breakfast?
by theamazingjt November 15, 2010
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