1. The act of eating seeds or other foods that avain species would be seen eating, especially sunflower seeds.

2. Slowly eating seeds, one at a time, picking open the shells and leaving them in a messy pile.

3. Any act that resumes behavior of an avain species.
1. There was Alan, birding at his desk again.

2. Due to all of the birding that went on last night, there are shells everywhere that need to be cleaned up.
by JonnyCase July 21, 2006
The act of releasing fecal matter on unsuspecting victims from tall vantage points
"Hey man wanna go birding later?"
"Sure I think I'll be ready in an hour"
by Smooth Bones March 08, 2014
noun: Slang term for partaking in a bird killing party where one drinks cans or bottles of beer.

also see: killing birds or killing a hawk
Anyone else want to go birding today?
by Mclean 3 north April 13, 2011

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