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Bioprene (noun): (a) An abundant layer of hypodermis or subcutaneous tissue, that is mainly used for fat storage and which comes with age or inactivity. (b) A purposefully added layer of fat used as a natural means to help tolerate cold water by channel swimmers.

Origin: bio + neoprene or polychloroprene, a synthetic rubber that is used for wetsuits. Neoprene is the DuPont trade name for its brand of polychloroprene.
I am not getting fat, I am just wearing bioprene.

The marathon swimmer ate a box of donuts every morning in order to add to his layer of bioprene.
by Open Water Coach August 14, 2010
Humorous term for "body fat". Derived from "neoprene".
A: It is freezing cold, but Jon is still running around in his T-shirt!
B: Well, I guess his bioprene keeps him warm.
by BondageTop November 06, 2009
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