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Leaving a comment on a famous weblog, with a reference to one's own, insignificant, blog to draw attention to it.
I was blog whoring on Joe's blog last night again.
by BondageTop September 10, 2008
Humorous term for "body fat". Derived from "neoprene".
A: It is freezing cold, but Jon is still running around in his T-shirt!
B: Well, I guess his bioprene keeps him warm.
by BondageTop November 06, 2009
The arch-conservative clique in the Vatican.
The Catholiban have issued another statement about condom use.
by BondageTop February 10, 2011
"America’s killjoy campaign against the male body’s, er, maleness" (Mark Simpson)
"I could understand if the FDNY was worried that Biserta’s hot body might be starting more fires than it puts out. Instead it seems like just another example of the puritanical American Phalliban trying to turn back the commodification cock that American consumerism started ticking."
by BondageTop November 27, 2009
flypaper for guys: blondes, motorcycles, fast cars, gadgets ...
This Harley of mine is real guypaper!
by BondageTop April 03, 2011
Spoonerism for "fuckbuddy" - obvious, but mildly less obscene or offending.
A: Have you met that guy before?
B: Yes, actually he's an old buckfuddy ...
by BondageTop July 27, 2009
Acronym for "down on bended knees".
I am dobk in front of you SIR! That's my favorite position!
by BondageTop September 01, 2009

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