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Biola is a small, private Christian university in Orange County, CA. The school, which got it's name from the original name of the univeristy (Bible Institute of Los Angeles), once was located in downtown LA and was well recognized for it's "Jesus Saves" billboard. It is home to the Talbot School of Theology, which is one of the most well-known theology schools in the nation. Biola is full of absolutely amazing people.
-Hey did you study for Horner's final?

-No dude I went and watched our basketball team destroy APU.

-Cool beans, man. Go Biola!
by cgp24 December 15, 2009
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The angry and forgotten step-child of Southern California Christian universities. Biola students are prone to discussing unoriginal, and useless Biblical rhetoric. They eat because President Corey tells them to. They go to class, because they are scared of whippings. And they go to chapel 5 times a day to readjust the stick up their ass.
So an APU student and a Biola student are having a conversation in a coffee shop. The APU student is very insightful, offering witty dialogue and original ideas. Meanwhile, the Biola student is busy thumbing through his Student handbook to see if holding a conversation with some one other than a monk is sanctioned.
by Biola Blows February 14, 2010
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biola is a very quiet but loud person. very funny and different. everyone loves him. very popular and has a lot of friends. very truthful, honest, sweet, kind, and trustworthy. adored by many.
Biola is my best friend!
I love Biola! Such a good guy.
by yourgirl1239 April 08, 2011
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A Bible school in southern California, which is mostly inhabited by hypocritical, once-sheltered children of either rich, rich people, pastors, or misisonaries.
Dude, did you see the Jesus mural!? It's so awesome!!
by awesome April 25, 2005
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