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The epitome of gorgeousness. Also see sexy,orgasmic,and lover.
I wish i was like her, She's such a Talbot.
by Mariah_Lee_Tally January 22, 2009
Talbot......Like the now extinct Talbot dog..very loyal,great hunter, a bit goofy looking but hung
as in...I dont care how many" girlfriends" he has...Im the only one where he is burying his bone

as in......He might not look it but he is such a Talbot. Its why he is a photographer he has his own tripod.
by alone in the three legged race February 05, 2010
A women's clothing store in the mall.

A french car brand.

An awesome name coming from french, meaning "messenger, or herald". Pronounced <Tal-Beau>

...and now, supposedly the name of a character on HBO's show, "True Blood."
Hey, now that we're 50, let's go check out TALBOT's selection.

Those TALBOT cars sure are shaaaweeet!

That TALBOT kid sure is sexy.

I can't believe HBO stole my name, TALBOT.
by monsieurtalbot December 14, 2009
having the qualities of an Oompah Loompah.
Ian is such a Talbot.
by Kersten October 12, 2007

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