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The invalidation of an engineering requirement as a result of a change to the content of, or a link to, a higher level "parent" requirement.
The requirements for the subassembly were bimped when the top level assembly requirements changed.
by Mank001 October 08, 2010
An athletic BEAST combined with being the ultimate PIMP, as coined by 2 certain 10-year old boys.
Matt: "Dude, did you see Browns RB Peyton Hillis jump over that dude in mid-field last Sunday?"

Mark: "Yeah, that was crazy! Did you see how many chicks were surrounding him at the club last Friday?!"

Matt: "I know, right?! Homeboy is a total Beast and a Pimp! He's a straight up Bimp!"
by dookeyboy December 09, 2010
A variation of the word "bump" used to bring a forum topic back to the top of the list. A cross between "bumping" and "pimping" produces "bimping".

To bump a thread within a forum in order to pimp a website.
I'm bimping this thread!
by Baytown Bert September 02, 2007
The female version of pimp; literally meaning "Bitch Pimp"; a female with more men than she knows what to do with.
The girl has so many dudes...she's a fucking BIMP.

I don't know what you heard about me, playa can't get a dollar outta me. No cadillac no furs you can see that i'm a motha fuckin B-I-M-P!
by Tara T. January 07, 2008
A BUTT PIMPLE, frequently appearing after prolonged sweaty exercise
"After he did 3 hours of boxing, my boyfriend made me kiss his bimps."
by bimp-free August 26, 2006
Increasingly gay over a period of time. Someone who enjoys sulking and making noises that emit struggle. What you are if you act lame and don't kick it hard. Such as a babies, cripples, and old people. The term was derived by saying babies momma rapidly and drawing it out. "Bmmmmmmmmmppp!"
"That kid with the cleft lip can't even talk right, what a bimp!"
by HypsterOG July 19, 2009
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