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To place your face between two huge tits shake your head and blow, resulting in the famous Bill and Ben catch phrase "flobberdobberdobberdobber"
As I slowly encroached apon her hugh pendulous bussom I felt compelled to perform a Bill and Ben. I buried my face in the soft comfort of her breasts, blew hard and... "flobberdobberdobberdobber"
by Juan Hunglow April 28, 2010
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Two identical Flowerpot men who came out of their flowerpots to play with their sunflower mate Weed in the garden when the gardener went for his dinner. Cause they were identical one of them would make a minor mishap and the viewers had to guess which one of them done it. Bill and Ben would eventually shit their selves and leg it back to their flowerpots when they heard the footsteps of the gardener. Bill and Ben also had their own unintelligible language called "oddle poddle". For example "flobado" meant "hello". This language was considered hugely popular and some obsessed fans even use it as their first lanuage, they find it very hard to make it through life.
Bill and Ben: "Flobadob, Ickle Weed" ("Hello, Little Weed")
Weed: "Weeeed" ("Weeeed")
by Tricko July 25, 2006
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