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Two identical Flowerpot men who came out of their flowerpots to play with their sunflower mate Weed in the garden when the gardener went for his dinner. Cause they were identical one of them would make a minor mishap and the viewers had to guess which one of them done it. Bill and Ben would eventually shit their selves and leg it back to their flowerpots when they heard the footsteps of the gardener. Bill and Ben also had their own unintelligible language called "oddle poddle". For example "flobado" meant "hello". This language was considered hugely popular and some obsessed fans even use it as their first lanuage, they find it very hard to make it through life.
Bill and Ben: "Flobadob, Ickle Weed" ("Hello, Little Weed")
Weed: "Weeeed" ("Weeeed")
by Tricko July 25, 2006
The geezer who drove the boat in the first two series of Rosie and Jim. Fizzgog's real name is John, no one knows why Roise and Jim called him that, it still remains a mystery today. Plus Fizzgog is probaly the only gypsy you can trust.
#Rosie and Jim, Rosie and Jim. Chugging along on the old rag doll. Rosie and Jim, Rosie and Jim, and John (Fizzgog) he steers the boat.#
by Tricko July 25, 2006
Cockney rhyming slang for cerebral palsy.
"That fella is acting a bit funny ain't he?"

"Thats because he has that carnival wolsey."
by Tricko October 11, 2008
A character who appeared on one episode of Bill and Ben the Flowerpot Men. The most popular out of all the minor characters in the Bill and Ben series. Spoke with a West Country accent and done quite a delightful dance when ever he sang his world famous song.
#I am Stan the Potato Man, find a better if you can. You will never never see another potato quite like me.#
by Tricko July 25, 2006
When you just go mental at someone or something.
"If that gay touches me again im going to throw a class 6 wobbler."
by Tricko June 03, 2006
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