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Named after the 42nd president of The United States, the Bill Clinton is the act of bringing home and scoring with not one, but two, fine looking Asian women from a night on the town. They could be picked up at a bar, on the street, or even in North Korea.
Tom: God this year's underwater basket weaving convention is going to suck.

Bob: What are you talking about, last year we both pulled Bill Clinton's. Asian girls love to weave.
by Holygoalie35 August 05, 2009
7 15
To get a blowjob at work when you are supposed to be doing your job , and while you are doing that a million people are being slaughtered in Rwanda because you're not doing your job , you're getting one!!
bill clinton = shit
by Bill Clinton is a war criminal March 06, 2006
121 133
A pretend moderate who uses his status as an alleged moderate to advance his extreme leftwing and extreme rightwing insanity and evil.

A megalomaniacal,bi-polar,schizophrenic antichrist!
That Bill Clinton sure is an asshole.
by sick assholes February 14, 2005
119 132
The Man who made a mockery of the United States, and made the white house a joke
DAMN YOU BILL CLINTON... George Bush did the same though
by Cards in 06 September 06, 2006
84 98
No one died when Clinton lied.
Except his sperm cells. Oh well!
by Militant Liberal April 27, 2005
120 134
A man I hate because before Bill Clinton I was a Democrat who was atleast semi-optimistic about politics but after Bill Clinton I am for the destruction of all governments on earth because Clinton showed me just how evil politicians really are!
After Bill Clinton got through with all his shit I will never trust another politician again in my life! Not for as long as I live!

I hate polticians and Clinton is the embodiment of the word politician.

Check his fuckin head for sixes.
122 136
A fucking moron from Arkansas who has currently opened a Clinton library that looks like a fucking huge trailer (makes sense for Bubba)
Hah, Ah'm peckerhead Bill Clinton and ah lahk gettin head in thuh Oval Orifice, ah mean Office! Oh wait, ah'm not there anymore......(Sobs)
by The Bush Fan November 18, 2004
181 195