A penis without a spine. While America's enemies plotted against her, Bill Clinton philandered. A dishonest and cowardly man who wouldnt know the truth if it bit him on the ass. When the islamo-nazis attacked American interests over-seas Clinton reacted by bombing an asprin factory. A president who was only elected because of Ross Perot, and whose 'great economy' was based on the fantasy of the 'dot-coms' and fradulent accounting policies of US firms. The tragic Clinton presidency was a direct cause of Sept 11th 2001. Also, he has a thing for ugly women - dykezilla (his wife), Monica Lewinski, Paula Jones and Babs
Bill Clinton: I tried to get Osama and failed!

Thinking person whose mind is not full of left-wing conspiricy bullshit: Aw Horseshit!
by Big Fat Daddy October 08, 2007
A very misunderstood man. The 42nd president of the united states, he has accomplished almost more than any other president in american history. he was impeached for something that should not have been a public afair, unlike the president of today who has lied and has not been impeached. In his term the economy was the best it has ever been, he created many treatys and alies throught the world, and did wonders to the welfare of the citizens of the united states. What most people overlook is the fact that he was one of the best presidents ever and instead focus on something that is not any of their business.
bill clinton was a wonderfull president that should not have been impeached.
by Theribus September 23, 2005
the closest black president we ever had
Bill Clinton is tight.
by LIKEEYO January 13, 2007
Some one who many call the first black president. One thing is true like most black husbands his wife would be better off without him.
Just when Hillary gets things going her way Bill Clinton does something stupid and sets her back.
by benth April 14, 2008
One of the few presidents America should NOT be ashamed of.
Bill Clinton got a blow job. But come on, who seriously thinks he was the first president to ever get a bj? One thing's for damn sure: Clinton was the only one man enough to admit it (eventually).
by Adrian September 30, 2006
Former U.S. president whose cum stains are all over the floor of the Oval Office from when he banged Monica Lewinsky.
Me: Bill, why would you do Monica Lewinsky? Don't you have any good taste in women?

Bill Clinton: Well, she's an upgrade from Hillary!
by Woody K. November 28, 2012
A shining example to men everywhere teaching us that work and play need not be separated.
dude, you should be more like bill clinton
by cd2hl April 10, 2006
The first "black president" before Barack Obama. And the pimp of the nation during his presidency. He cared and listened to minorities and the young voices. But most of all, he sure loved the ladies. And the ladies sure loved him back.
Bill Clinton would pimp and tap any ass that moves (Regardless of age or looks).

Except Hillary!
by TheLastFirstborn June 19, 2009

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