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The first "black president" before Barack Obama. And the pimp of the nation during his presidency. He cared and listened to minorities and the young voices. But most of all, he sure loved the ladies. And the ladies sure loved him back.
Bill Clinton would pimp and tap any ass that moves (Regardless of age or looks).

Except Hillary!
by TheLastFirstborn June 19, 2009
A state of being impervious to the law.
"Ha! I'm a living Bill Clinton! Your laws can't touch me!"
by Mr. Feesh May 09, 2005
The First Black President
Bill Clinton is down with the homies
by Barrackkk January 22, 2009
Lying about an inn-gotten "quickie": Impeachable bastard!
Lying about an ill-conceived war: Four more years!
Bill Clinton was a better president than George W. Bush could ever dream of being.
by Vanishga July 10, 2008
The reason why gasoline was 99 cents a gallon in Taxachussets.
When Bush took over from Bill Clinton, all hopes of peace and cheap joyrides vanished.

If I let a girl suck my dick at work, it wouldn't of gotten on TV, but with Bill Clinton it's heard everywhere.
by Wm. Wallace The Freedom Fighter October 10, 2007
a guy that people all hate just because he cheated on his wife.
get it through your fucking head, morons. --;
even if bill clinton cheated on his wife, how did that effect our country?
by sara March 27, 2005
1. noun: any object that can be used for sexual intercoarse either on top of or next to

2. noun: an illegal drug given to an infant in the form of gum drops or other deluctable treats

3. verb: the act of stealing socks off of elderly people while they sleep

4. adjective: describes a person that thinks with his penis, or other sexual organ, rather then his brain.

5. direct object: a substance that is given to midjets inorder to coerse
them into having an intense chess tournament with the giver

6. adverb: describes an action or movement that which seems offensive to humans but reminds certain animals of their mother, therefore atracts the

1. I did this chick last night on top of a hard Bill Clinton

by Balls McLong(3) January 15, 2009