to cut a small opening in the bottom of a cup in order to insert you penis in, once someone reaches in, and makes a funny face you tell them it is you "Pudding Pop"
"dude I was on a date with amanda and i pulled a Bill Cosby"
by fckyamom April 07, 2008
An ass so nice you want to put a spoon in and and eat it like pudding.
Damn dude, did you see the Bill Cosby on that hoe?
by GOeaglez22 September 21, 2008
puddin pop sell out house nigga. the only thing hes gonna catch is a cold at the school bus. hes a big smelly nappy jig, and he talks like a rotten coon. plush pillow ass nigga velveeta smackin tuck boat ash try dirty nigger craft.
Michael J Fox: Hey nigger, i have a few slaves in my basement and they could use a good talking to cause i cant stop shaking.

Bill Cosby: Ohhh Michael, im Bill Cosby, you know, big plush pillow ass nigga. IM A BIG FAT SMELLY NIGGA!!!!!! (with cosby accent.)

rabbi gluck: Bill, cantour lebo and i both agree that you are one big NIGGER. Puddin Pop lips smackin pushed in nose nigga.
by STOP+SHOP IS A DUMP September 09, 2011
Be sure to be able to produce solid stools. Shit in someone's mouth, they are to grab it and lick it. Meanwhile you sit on their chest and talk like Bill Cosby about pudding pops.
If you get bored on your summer vacation, you can always take turns performing the bill cosby on each other.
by ARJW June 30, 2008
slang term used to describe someone "out of this world."


head shaped like a cosby, bean bill.
"I like Bill Cosby"
by bill_cosby_goggle_fantasy April 30, 2005
Verb: Slang term for engaging in anal intercourse.
To Bill Cosby someone.
I want to, I want to Bill Cosby you
by Anal Intruder July 25, 2005
A Bill Cosby is when a black man dips his pudding pop(penis) into a bowl of pudding so that a white girl can suck it off during oral sex.
Jerome persuaded Jillian to suck the pudding off his penis. He pulled a Bill Cosby.
by Douglas Wayne September 18, 2006

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