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a man who lied about cheating on his wife
i did not have sexual relations with monica louinski
by Bill Clinton July 30, 2003
411 305
One of the few presidents America should NOT be ashamed of.
Bill Clinton got a blow job. But come on, who seriously thinks he was the first president to ever get a bj? One thing's for damn sure: Clinton was the only one man enough to admit it (eventually).
by Adrian September 30, 2006
211 150
the closest black president we ever had
Bill Clinton is tight.
by LIKEEYO January 13, 2007
160 103
Some one who many call the first black president. One thing is true like most black husbands his wife would be better off without him.
Just when Hillary gets things going her way Bill Clinton does something stupid and sets her back.
by benth April 14, 2008
112 59
Former U.S. president whose cum stains are all over the floor of the Oval Office from when he banged Monica Lewinsky.
Me: Bill, why would you do Monica Lewinsky? Don't you have any good taste in women?

Bill Clinton: Well, she's an upgrade from Hillary!
by Woody K. November 28, 2012
26 3
A shining example to men everywhere teaching us that work and play need not be separated.
dude, you should be more like bill clinton
by cd2hl April 10, 2006
130 110
1. The presidental version of Jiraiya.
2. The best thing to happen since JFK.
3. The predicesor of the American idiot George W. Bush.
4. The president to get away with screwing an intern.
Bill Clinton: I did not have any sexual realtions with that woman Monica Lewinsky. But I'm wearing her underwear
by Andreasantoni June 16, 2008
76 58