A boyband from Nick that is actually pretty talented. It consists of four super attractive guys; Carlos Pena jr. Logan Henderson, James Maslow and Kendall Schmidt. They have two albums (BTR and Elevate). Their most famous songs are Boyfriend, Music Sounds Better With U and the song Big Time Rush.
Big Time Rush: Four Hockey players from Minnesota that love to sing. Its a Rusher thing
by Rusher123345678997523 January 04, 2012
A completely un-entertaining show on Nickelodeon with characters that have no personality, dumb plot, and stupid humor.
Big Time Rush episode 2: School of Rocque:

Carlos: "It's like a vacation with singing... It's a SING-CATION!"
by critic94 April 24, 2010
Big Time Rush is a show about four boys from Minnesota who came to California to become famous. But the best part of the show is when you see Logan and James' sexy asses. Nickelodeon has done a fine job in casting these two actors. They are by far the best singers in the show and their gorgeous voices are really demonstrated in the song Worldwide. Along with nick's show Victorious this is the best show on television for all ages. BTR rocks!
Zenah- Hey Heather, did you see that episode of Big Time Rush last night? James and Logan were lookin' especially sexy!

Heather- Hecks yeah I saw it! I freaked the freak out when I saw last nights episode! They sang Worldwide and James and Logan sounded beautiful!

Zenah- Yeahz! LOLCATZ I loved last nights episode of BTR. <3333
Heather- Yeah the best part was when I saw Logan and James' fine asses!
Zenah- OMG that was my favorite part too! They are two damn good lookin' people.
by LOLCATZBTR July 12, 2011
The greatest band in the history of the world.
Person one: Hey did you watch Big Time Rush last night?

Person two: Yeah it was amazing, I love their music too.
by iknoeyouknow April 04, 2011
One of Nickelodeons biggest shit shows on television. About 4 guys that form a band under a gay record company owner who has trouble staying in the closet. In the show, they instantly become a Hollywood band and since every one of their songs is about that, it's hard to forget. They're obviously singing songs that are written by people who might actually have a shot, but who are too ugly for Nickelodeon.
Did you hear the new song by Big Time Rush?

Yeah, it's the same as every other song they've ever done.

Oh, I kinda like it.

Then you have no life. Watch some Spongebob, at least it's not full of gay people.
by Shootthemonkey July 30, 2010
The most amazing tv show on Nick. Starring Kendall Schmidt James Malsow Carlos Pena and Logan Henderson. This is the best show ever and it's really funny. This show is for anybody between the ages of 4-21. They are amazing and anybody that says it sucks is just a hater and needs to get a life.
Person: "Hey have seen that show Big Time Rush?"

Person 2: "Yeah! Its amazing! I love it!"
by MyDearMaslow November 28, 2011
nickelodean's awnser to disneys high school musical

their first try was some crappy musical with that flat chested whoore victoria justice that nobady gave a crap about
now they are trying an actual tv series
it is horrendously unfunny, the acting is abomindable by all parties involved, and 3 of the 4 members of the band are clearly flamboyent homosexuals
if it wasnt 4 spongebob nickelodean would die

(worst and possibly gayest song ever, gayer than Samwell's "What What In the Butt")

sample from chorus


Go on shake it up, what you gotta lose?

Gonna make your luck with the life you choose.

If you want it all, lay it on the line.

its the only life you got so you got to live it big time

every1 involed with this should be ashamed but i cant wait untill satrical comedies like south park and family guy flame this crapstorm
big time rush must be cancelled asap
by cobaltkiller1989 February 01, 2010

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