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The end of good nickelodeon after it was already ended by shows such as Icarly, ned's declassified school survival guide, back at the barnyard, zoey 101, unfabulous, and alot of other shows that are mainly based on teen struggle in today's life.
person 1: hey dude did you see hey Arnold?

person 2: yeah like 15 years go.

If you guys think icarly and other related shows sucks, get ready for another hell hole of episodes like big time rush.
by izzy863 January 01, 2010
Usually slanger than the other term "The fuck?". Tha Fuck is usually almost always accompanied with a "WHAT THA FUCK", but in this case is used as a short version whenever someone asks you a really stupid ignorant question, or asked you something and you reacted this way. "Tha FUCK?"
Tom: Hey Larry, you ever though about being gay?

Larry: Tha Fuck?
by izzy863 January 27, 2010
A saying that is said everyday usually in a non-racial (most of the time) way, this quote is used just to mess around with your black friend, but may still get mad because you said it, however this is a very popular catchy phrase that should get said at the right unexpected moment, and is usually always funny if used at the right time and not exaggerated.
Leondre: Yo Izzy.. I didn't get the job at pizza hut..

Izzy: It's cuz your black.
by izzy863 February 22, 2010

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