The act of standing up too quickly, forcing a feeling of lightheadedness followed by a pyroclastic flow of shit in your shorts. This term is commonly referred to as a BTR.
"I was in my office when I had a BIG TIME RUSH!",
"When the verdict was passed I experienced a Big Time Rush.",
"When I was late for work I had a Big Time Rush.",
"While working the front counter at McDonald's I suffered a Big Time Rush.",
"I've been diagnosed with BTR."
by Sketch Oregano MkMannis December 25, 2012
Big time rush is a band who paved the pathway for boy bands again. They sold over two million copies of their second album in four days. They also have 17 singles and 13 music videos.
Jamie:Did you buy the new Big Time Rush cd 'Elevate'?
Taylor:Yeah it's amazing.
by May 26, 2012
Big Time Rush Is A Potty Boy Band... In Which They Sing Songs With Lyrics That Don't Make Sense /Or Are Childish. New lyricists Maybe Hired If Under 5 Years Old.

A Breakdown Of The Members:
Kendall Pottysapa Muffin Man John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt - The ugliest member who gets the most attention in the group and foresees the future of his band as good but it is not as they headed for a much needed breakup --- THEY SHIT.
James Forethessy Diamond - The ugliest member in the group who matches his face with Kendall's smelly feet. Also is the real son of the guy who acted like Gustavo who is some weird kid that they say the name of in the ads.
Carlos Pompom Pena - The ugliest member in the group and loves being stupid who loves to portray his realistic personality on tv that he carries outside of his show as well. (recently lost his helmet -- going crazy, went to grandma's house to get peace.)
Logan Hortance Henderson - The ugliest member in the group thinks he's smart but is not. He went crazy after he say this sentence: Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo. Mindblown that is was correct grammar and and English correct sentence.

Baffled by the sentence above they BTR group grew so much jealousy towards British boybands, soaked in their jealousy they peed their pants and retired.
Toby Maguire: I hate BTR
Henri: Big Time Rush is soiled
Rusher1: I love, and Big Time Rush is Potty
Rusher2: Me too... I eat their shit all the time!!
Rusher1: Me Too! Right on!!
Rusher2: Yaaaas!! Big Time Rush!!! Yaaaas!!!!
Directioner: Who even?
via giphy
by ZquadBelieber June 14, 2016
Big Time Rush is about four best friends from Minnesota who get a record deal to make some demos in LA to become a famous singing band. They have high-hopes for this and keep their heads held high. They're all different. Kendall Knight, (Kendall Schmidt.) who is the leader, James Diamond, (James Maslow.) the one who was the one who really wanted to become famous and got them to the auditions and is a little conceited, Logan Mitchell, (Logan Henderson.) who is the smartest one and has the perfect teeth, and Carlos Garcia, (Carlos Pena Jr.) who is the goofy daredevil. These boys are honestly quite amazing boys who ARE NOT GAY and CAN SING. Mostly girls watch this show, but I know of a few boys who do too. I have TONS of friends who watch it!!! Even my 4 year old sister and my friend's 5 year old brother watch it! So how about we all stop criticizing this AMAZING show and just take the time to watch it? Because I'm sure if you actually sat down and watched an entire episode, you will become addicted.
Christina: Hey! Do you like Big Time Rush?
LaShawna: HECKS YEAH! Do you?
Christina: YES!! My favorite one is James!!! He's super SEXY!(:
LaShawna: My favorite is Logan! I used to like Justin Bieber, but ever since I started watching Big Time Rush, I stopped liking him!!!
Christina: Let's go ask Olivia and Fosia if they watch it and see who THEIR favorites are!!!
by ChristinaStrawberryJello March 14, 2011
The pop band who write and sing their own music and have choreographed dance moves. They are highly under-rated because they don't sing about sex and doing drugs. The group consists of Kendall Schmidt, Logan Henderson, James Maslow and Carlos Pena - all amazingly talented and versatile individuals who are quite attractive and funny enough to make any young girl go week on her knees. The sad part of their stardom is that they are always overshadowed by the overrated One Direction.
Girl 1: Can you suggest some peppy pop band music?
Girl 2: Listen to Big Time Rush. They're hot on the charts and are very dancy enough to get you to your feet the next second.
Girl 1: Thanks, I'll sure check them out.
by MusicLover3 September 29, 2013
1) They are four sexy as hell musicians and actress that can ruin people's life with their perfectness.

2) Kendall Schmidt, James Maslow, Carlos Pena Jr, and Logan Henderson
Katy: hey what are you doing?
Kira: getting my life ruin by Big Time Rush.
by funkyBTRusher16 February 17, 2013
Big Time Rush for Beginners.

The biggest assholes on the fucking planet, from left to right: Carlos, James, Kendall, Logan.

Carlos Pena Jr., aka Latin Thunder. Actually, nobody calls him that, I just made that up. He may seem like an innocent motherfucker with that precious grin and those big brown eyes and his overuse of exclamation marks, but no. He’s an asshole.

James Maslow, aka the Token Jew. It’s easy to see why this flawless motherfucker is an asshole.

Kendall Schmidt, aka that stoner kid who somehow got into a boy band. He’s such an asshole there aren’t even words as to why.

Logan Henderson, aka that Texan kid that thinks he’s black and can’t spell worth a shit. This fucking asshole is a smug motherfucking asshole. The end.
Big Time Rush
Carlos Pena Jr.: He moves his hips like he’s getting paid, and that raspy, smooth voice of his will have your panties dropping before you know it.
James Maslow: He’s prettier than you are, just accept it. He’s got the face of an angel and the body of Adonis, and although he may seem totally humble and adorable in interviews and things, he’s just as big of an ass as the rest of them. His voice is perfection in audio form, and he can belt it like Whitney. He wouldn’t even have to ask.
Kendall Schmidt:He’s not the best dancer but damn if he can’t move his hips and do those pelvic thrusts like he’s been doing it all his life, and his voice isn’t the conventional “boy band” voice but fuck can he sing. Once he locks those bright green eyes with yours and flashes you that mischievous smirk that shows off those fucking dimples, that’s all it would take.
Logan Henderson: He’s awkward as hell when he dances but somehow manages to make it look sexy as fuck, and he has this accent that has your heart melting at how Southern he is, and his voice is raspy and light at the same time. This jackass knows all it would take is a flirtatious wink and a big, dimpled grin and you’d be naked before he could say, “Hey there cutie pie.”

In short, get the fuck out while you still can. They’ll ruin every expectation you’ve ever had in a man.

-coming from a 22 year old woman
by MayITouchYourFox June 15, 2012
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