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A Wawa half gallon ice tea. Derives from the popularity of these drinks amongst construction workers who happen to be black. Hense, Big Nig.
I'm going to Wawa, I need a big Nig.
by P Dittle September 23, 2005
A "big nig" is a large black person. This only includes African-Americans and straight up thug life goons such as some Haitians. Most "big nigs" are very dark skinned and actually black. They are also very muscular while some are obese.
Yo, that niggas a big nig.

I was watching boxing, and it was mostly big nigs beating the shit out of each other.
by mynamesbrandon June 21, 2009
A large african american male.
Jermaine: Damon is a 6 foot 6 inch, 500 lbs, brotha.

Regginald: That Damon is one BIG NIG.
by sunnyDxxDs May 15, 2009
A black man with huge lips. Big enough to climb walls, consume buses and average size children
"Oh man where did my car radio go?"
"Big Nigs"
"Yeah that makes sense"
by Ghetto Booty69 September 01, 2011
big niggers or other form of minorities such as hispanics or arabs ; never to be used with asian fools b/c they can never be black
the big nigs robbed de bakery wit jamal and ackmed
by fysta cuffs May 07, 2005
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