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an unbelivalbe hot outgoing creature that loves to have fun. The best girlfriends anyone could ever have, and will always try to make you feel better. Has a big heart and once in love can never be the same.
Wow your just like a carley.
Your a carley because you really made me feel better.
by 1800sa March 17, 2009
An amazing, awesome girl that I don't know how the world could do without. She is caring, and will always be there for someone in need. A great friend, honest, extremely beautiful and talented in so many ways. She is one of the few people I can't deny, and just all around amazing. She just reminds me of love.
"When all hope is gone, I just remember that there is Carley!"
by BigBarneyJ February 04, 2010
Smart, loyal, and a good leader. Headed for great things, doctor or lawyer probably. Takes things seriously, but can have fun. Boy-crazy, but once she finds someone worth keeping will hold on forever. Strong memory, not easily forgiving. Talented
Ya, she's such a carley.
by Supergirl81296 February 06, 2010

Most amazing wife and unforgettable girlfriend. She will surprise you in every way possible. She is a lover and best friend. She may act immature and annoying sometimes but that is what makes you fall in love with her. She enjoys life and is enthusiastic about everything. The most random person you will ever meet. Most amazing body and legs. Great in bed, but only a few would know ;)

You can trust her above anyone. She will go to the ends of the world to make that one person smile.dont hurt her, because she won’t hurt you back.
i wish on a star to be a carley.
i saw them together and it was like punchig a carley.
she is awsome, what am i to exspect she is a carley.
by bdofsbdfnhile February 06, 2010
a hot girl who everyone wants to get with and hook up with, hass a nice ass andd big boobs(; alwayss fun to be around, likes to laugh and be crazy andd sortaa blonde! someone everyone wants to be around and get to know! also a bitch at times but always happy mostly. doesnt like shady people or drama. Butt damnn shes sexxy.
person: damnn did you see carley today?
other person: yeah i wanna tap that
person: mhmm same go for it braa
other person: okay im going at it now!
by deeno bamm May 03, 2011
Noun - typically an Australian Female often found in the outer suburbs of Melbourne, usually socializing and eating burger rings, Loves Hiptops and Mountain Views of the city.
person 1: wow look at the Carley
person:2 yeah thats great.
by Zac. January 21, 2008
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