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The mixture of Jim Beam and Monster Energy Drink. The concoction is one part Jim to two parts Monster. It is only considered a "Big" Jim if the Monster is poured from a BFC.
Man I was so sore the morning after I discovered Big Jim.

I met Big Jim at the Super 8 and its a night I will never forget.
by Big Jim's March 03, 2012
1.) A mans penis (large). 2.)A Fat man named Jim. 3.)A radio celebrity on 101 KUFO. 4.)A guy who owes Red a hat and a drink for burning the leather in his Infinity Q45, with a cigarette that he bummed off Red in the first place. All this after Red was generous(see: Stoned) enough to drive his drunken monkey ass home even though Red was at work and couldn't really leave but since Big Jim is such a big celebrity(see also: Drunkard), Red asked his boss nicely(see: ass kissing), got permission and then found out that Big Jim Lives in BFE(see also: Bum Fuck Egypt and Butt Fuck Egypt). You see Red works/lives in the Burbs(see: rich kids). But Jim lives in the Big City(see also: Girlfriends parents house). Red has a lead foot and was going about 75-80mph down Hwy 26(see also: evading the police), when due to a taco truck(see also: Roach Coach), traffic was stopped in the tunnel onto 405 south. Red cursed at the top of his lungs. Then Big Jim tried to cuss with his drunken wit but ended up just burning a large hole in Red's leather seat. :) Happy Birthday Ya Big bastard!!! We all love you! Just not in that sexual way! Except Your Girl.......and Marconi(see also: Big Guy Lovin). I need me a KUFO Hat(see also: Hook a brother up)!
def 1 ex.) Big Jim and the twins. def 2 ex.) "Hey there's that fat bastard Jim!". def 3 ex.) "It's the Marconi Show with Marconi, Kristine, and Big Jim!". def 4 ex.) It's the same Big bastard from The Marconi Show on KUFO.
Due to writers lack of sobriety accuracy is
between 60-90%
by Redski McRedskin November 10, 2006
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