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7 definitions by Shootthemonkey

One of Nickelodeons biggest shit shows on television. About 4 guys that form a band under a gay record company owner who has trouble staying in the closet. In the show, they instantly become a Hollywood band and since every one of their songs is about that, it's hard to forget. They're obviously singing songs that are written by people who might actually have a shot, but who are too ugly for Nickelodeon.
Did you hear the new song by Big Time Rush?

Yeah, it's the same as every other song they've ever done.

Oh, I kinda like it.

Then you have no life. Watch some Spongebob, at least it's not full of gay people.
by Shootthemonkey July 30, 2010
It's what's for dinner.
Beef. It's what's for dinner.
by Shootthemonkey August 02, 2010
1. Someone (usually a kid) who thinks they're so much better than everyone because they sit around all day and play video games. They cuss a lot, as well.

2. An actual gang member who likes to play Halo.
1. That halo gangster just cussed me out cause his team won. That little faggot.

2. That halo gangster was talking about the guy he mugged yesterday.
by Shootthemonkey May 29, 2010
A process in which, when guys are talking, one or more of them see boobs, and enter a deep, seemingly unbreakable hypnosis. In this state, nothing else exists.
Guy 1: My boss is a dick.

Guy 2: I know, so is mine just the other day he made me, made me...

Guy 1: What are you, what are you, what are...

Girl: Crap. I hypnoboobed them again. Better walk away.

Guy 1: What just happened?

Guy 2: I'm not sure, I just remember tits, and that was it. Now I'm here.

Guy 1: What were we doing?

Guy 2: It dosen't matter.
by Shootthemonkey August 02, 2010
Forcing someone to do something with the promise of sex.
I f-ing hate that place, but she g-forced me into going there with her.
by Shootthemonkey May 29, 2010
On a road trip, someone who starts in the back works their way up to the front seat by complaining about their current position. They can also take the seat when your not in it, or take it by force. Choose someone with a low bullshit tolerance to drive, so that the Sneak doesn't succeed.
Did you hear Jamie? She whined the whole car ride to Missouri.

Yeah, she could have just asked to switch spots, it's too bad she was such a seat sneak about it.

God I hate her. It's a good thing I brought my pocket knife.
by Shootthemonkey July 30, 2010
Talking on the phone while shitting, much to the displeasure of the person on the other end of the line.
Customer: Yes, I'd like to *groan* order a *sigh* large *fart* cheese pizza *labor-like sound* and a pizza *scream* with the works *sigh of relief*.

Pizza Guy: Sir, are you Shit Talking? *hangs up*
by Shootthemonkey May 29, 2010