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Big Time Rush is about four best friends from Minnesota who get a record deal to make some demos in LA to become a famous singing band. They have high-hopes for this and keep their heads held high. They're all different. Kendall Knight, (Kendall Schmidt.) who is the leader, James Diamond, (James Maslow.) the one who was the one who really wanted to become famous and got them to the auditions and is a little conceited, Logan Mitchell, (Logan Henderson.) who is the smartest one and has the perfect teeth, and Carlos Garcia, (Carlos Pena Jr.) who is the goofy daredevil. These boys are honestly quite amazing boys who ARE NOT GAY and CAN SING. Mostly girls watch this show, but I know of a few boys who do too. I have TONS of friends who watch it!!! Even my 4 year old sister and my friend's 5 year old brother watch it! So how about we all stop criticizing this AMAZING show and just take the time to watch it? Because I'm sure if you actually sat down and watched an entire episode, you will become addicted.
Christina: Hey! Do you like Big Time Rush?
LaShawna: HECKS YEAH! Do you?
Christina: YES!! My favorite one is James!!! He's super SEXY!(:
LaShawna: My favorite is Logan! I used to like Justin Bieber, but ever since I started watching Big Time Rush, I stopped liking him!!!
Christina: Let's go ask Olivia and Fosia if they watch it and see who THEIR favorites are!!!
by ChristinaStrawberryJello March 14, 2011

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