Big Time Rush for Beginners.

The biggest assholes on the fucking planet, from left to right: Carlos, James, Kendall, Logan.

Carlos Pena Jr., aka Latin Thunder. Actually, nobody calls him that, I just made that up. He may seem like an innocent motherfucker with that precious grin and those big brown eyes and his overuse of exclamation marks, but no. He’s an asshole.

James Maslow, aka the Token Jew. It’s easy to see why this flawless motherfucker is an asshole.

Kendall Schmidt, aka that stoner kid who somehow got into a boy band. He’s such an asshole there aren’t even words as to why.

Logan Henderson, aka that Texan kid that thinks he’s black and can’t spell worth a shit. This fucking asshole is a smug motherfucking asshole. The end.
Big Time Rush
Carlos Pena Jr.: He moves his hips like he’s getting paid, and that raspy, smooth voice of his will have your panties dropping before you know it.
James Maslow: He’s prettier than you are, just accept it. He’s got the face of an angel and the body of Adonis, and although he may seem totally humble and adorable in interviews and things, he’s just as big of an ass as the rest of them. His voice is perfection in audio form, and he can belt it like Whitney. He wouldn’t even have to ask.
Kendall Schmidt:He’s not the best dancer but damn if he can’t move his hips and do those pelvic thrusts like he’s been doing it all his life, and his voice isn’t the conventional “boy band” voice but fuck can he sing. Once he locks those bright green eyes with yours and flashes you that mischievous smirk that shows off those fucking dimples, that’s all it would take.
Logan Henderson: He’s awkward as hell when he dances but somehow manages to make it look sexy as fuck, and he has this accent that has your heart melting at how Southern he is, and his voice is raspy and light at the same time. This jackass knows all it would take is a flirtatious wink and a big, dimpled grin and you’d be naked before he could say, “Hey there cutie pie.”

In short, get the fuck out while you still can. They’ll ruin every expectation you’ve ever had in a man.

-coming from a 22 year old woman
by MayITouchYourFox June 15, 2012
Top Definition
1) A TV show on Nickelodeon capturing the journey and misadventures of four hockey playing best friends from Minnesota who get a once in a life time shot at being a pop group.

2) The band in which the show is about. Well known songs such as "Boyfriend," "Nothing Even Matters," and "Worldwide." Members include Kendall Schmidt, James Maslow, Carlos Pena Jr. and Logan Henderson.

3) Every teen girl's obsession right now
1) "Hey did you guys watch Big Time Rush last night?

2) "Stuck" by Big Time Rush is my new favorite song.

3) My friends and I are have Big Time Crushes on the boys of Big Time Rush.
by SeDorka July 13, 2011
Hate the show as much as you want, but at the end of the day every bad definition on Urban Dictionary has to face the opposition of a million prepubescent girls, two hundred sexually confused little boys, and three really horny middle aged cougars (rough estimation). They will buy the songs, the DVD box sets, and probably the inevitable backpacks and lunchboxes. The sitcom featuring four hockey playing boys from Minnesota who move to L.A. searching for fame and boy band stardom will live on until something of equal or greater suckiness comes along to take it's place. Appreciate it for what it's worth.
Kendra: Hey, have you seen that show Big Time Rush?!
Meryl: My daughter watches that.. I'm 43 years old, of course not!
Kendra: Well I'm 48 and I think they're strapping young lads... I'm getting your daughter the lunchbox for christmas.
by whenyougobigtime July 27, 2010
The end of good nickelodeon after it was already ended by shows such as Icarly, ned's declassified school survival guide, back at the barnyard, zoey 101, unfabulous, and alot of other shows that are mainly based on teen struggle in today's life.
person 1: hey dude did you see hey Arnold?

person 2: yeah like 15 years go.

If you guys think icarly and other related shows sucks, get ready for another hell hole of episodes like big time rush.
by izzy863 January 01, 2010
Big Time Rush? Oh well, of course they're not another stupid boy band formed by nickelodeon, they're more than just a band. They indirectly help their fans (Rushers) to make too much things that maybe Rushers couldn't do if they wouldn't exist. Now I see my life at another point of view. Now too much people knows that they can reach my dreams if they want to. Everything related to them makes rushers' day even rushers' life. They’re down-to-earth and humble guys who love to do what they do. they made me realize that some people is not alone in this world. Big Time Rush also is, a great show on Nickelodeon, that shows how 4 best friens from Minnesota become into a boyband. Big Time Rush is the most watched program in Nickelodeon. Every singl new episode has over 3.6 million views. SO maybe Big Time Rush Can't be called crap.
Person 1: Have you heard about Big Time Rush?

Person 2: Yes, they're a great band.
by BeWhoUAreCauseLoveIsAllYouNeed August 21, 2011
A live action television show on Nickelodeon about four hockey playing teens from Minnesota are taken to LA to become pop stars in a boy band. The foursome includes: Kendall Schmidt (Kendall Knight), James Maslow (James Diamond), Carlos Pena Jr. (Carlos Garcia), and Logan Mitchell (Logan Henderson). Other cast members include comedian Steven Kramer-Glickman, Ciara Bravo, and Challen Chates. The show is really aimed towards middle school aged kids, but many teenaged kids have gotten into the craze as well. The show is funny, but can have some very gay undertones in the midst of the 'best friends' thing. The four actors are sexy, can sing, and dance. What more could you want?
Sarah: did you watch Big Time Rush last night? Lori: Yea, those four boys are fucking sexy as hell.
by dinosaur shaped chicken March 07, 2010
a show on Nickolodeon starring Kendall Schmidt, James Maslow, Logan Henderson, and Carlos Pena that is extremely amusing, even though it is mindless and stupid. the plot lines are uncomplicated and most girls tune in because they enjoy watching the guys.
the four main characters each have their own personality. Kendall is the leader, James is the conceited one, Logan is the genius, and Carlos is the daredevil.
as for the actual band, their music is very stereotypical pop, but the four of them can sing really well.
"Hey, did you see the Halloween episode of Big Time Rush?"
"Yes, it was so stupid. But I really like looking at James Maslow and his perfect biceps.
by pshft.... December 29, 2010
a show on Nickelodeon about 4 hockey players who move to LA from Minnesota to make a boyband, they encounter obstacles with girls, school and even their boss. It stars Logan Henderson, Kendall Schmidt, Carlos Pena Jr, and James Maslow.

They are also a real band who does in fact release albums and tour. They've been associated musically with Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, New Boyz, Snoop Dogg, Miranda Cosgrove, Katelyn Tarver, Jordin Sparks Cymphonique Miller, Mann and Ryan Tedder. They have also been associated acting wise with Fabio, Miranda Cosgrove, Elizabeth Gilles, Snoop Dogg, Malese Jow, Erin Sanders, Ciara Bravo, Katelyn Tarver, Nicole Scherzinger, Tara Strong, Chris Masters, Lorenzo Lamas, Erik Estrada, Carlie Casey, Tristin Mays, Jordin Sparks, Russel Brand, Gage Golightly, John Cena, Cymphonique Miller, Tom Kenny and Ed Bagley Jr, Carlson Young, Lisa Rinna, Densye Tontz, Kelli Gross, Savannah Jayde and even So You Think You Can Dance winner Jeanine Mason.

and too all the haters. you can stfu. to the guys who hate, you just jealous because you don't look like them, or are as talented as them. to the girls who hate, you just clearly have low standards. They are a POP group and that doesn’t make them gay. They are 4 STRAIGHT boys who don’t have to listen to your shit. But us Rushers do and we don’t appreciate your hate… you laugh at us for liking BTR when your into what? Justin Bieber? Yeah at least BTR has gone through puberty.
Sammy: oh did you watch Big Time Rush last night?

Megan: Yeah I did! It was cool! Elizabeth Gilles guest starred!

Sammy: oh cool! i love her on Victorious! I'll def. have to watch the episode!

Megan: Yeah you should. Logan was sooooo cute!

Sammy: i personnally love Kendall!
by Rusher101 November 05, 2011

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