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1). Marginal B Actor/Martial Arts enthusiast who turned heads in the hit 80’s drama Falcon Crest and flashed some skin, roundhouse kicked, and rode a Harley in the seminal Stephen J. Cannell created early 90’s action/adventure hit Renegade. His work as an actor has brought very straight men to engage in homoerotic episodes and impregnated ovulating women who stayed up late watching any number of hilariously made straight to video movies on Cinemax. He currently lives in California.
2). A man who still lives with his mother who has long hair AND wears a long duster type jacket.

3). A sexual act in which the women is on all fours with the man behind her slightly sitting on her pulling on her hair such as to simulate riding a motorcycle.
1). Wow, Lorenzo Lamas really impressed me in Terminal Justice, a tale of cop in the not to distant future with cyborg like qualities.

2). Yeah, Vince is still pulling a Lorenzo Lamas; he is such a loser.

3). You remember that bitch Tina, yeah, she loved the "Lorenzo Lamas"!
by Lance Cumson November 28, 2010
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