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1. A fine looking red head a little on the thick side with a round juicy ass, also describing a thick light skinned black girl.

2. A horrible type of chewing gum.

3. A huge native american penis.
1. Nice ass!! big red!.

2. Damn! that big red tastes horrible!!!

3. Hung Native American: Hey little pilgrim bitch let me introduce you to big red.

Pilgrim girl: Ahhhh!!!No!!!It's too big!!!
by ApacheWarrior November 15, 2009
6 7
(n) A brand name of chewing gum, which is advertised as having very long lasting flavor.
Big RedZ
by Fangsta December 15, 2003
71 32
a girl who has a fire muff and is a sex goddess
"I was so horny last night I wish my date would have been a Big Red"
by Chelsea Wilcox May 03, 2005
56 21
A vanilla flavored soda found mainly in the southern US.
That Big Red soda tastes mighty good!
by plorqk January 14, 2005
74 42
A soda from Waco, Texas with a taste somewhat like bublegum but is flavored with a combination of lemon and orange oils, with vanilla. It can be mixed with Tequila to make Texas Sunrise.
Hand me a Big Red to wash down these ribs.
by TKE1492 February 08, 2005
45 15
A fictitious toy made by Bleego, makers of Termite Town. A figure of a viking you pour red goop into the horned helmet, pull the string, and enjoy the show. Cleanup kits sold separately. As seen in a Saturday Night Live commercial spoof.
He's big big big. And he's red red red. And that's how he got to earn the name, Big Red!
by Bleego February 12, 2004
57 35
A sexy hot lookin red head that's real busty. Some junk in the trunk too. Preferably 5'8 or over.
" WHOA, where you goin lookin so fine Big Red???"
by urban fashionista January 07, 2008
37 20
The best pub in the world on holloway road in north london. I think its named after the owner.
you wanna go to big red? i'm already there f**k yeah
by HollowayTom August 30, 2006
35 21