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1. A female nerd.
2. A hot female nerd, nerd+godess=nerdess (rare).
All tremble before the nerdess!

Wow, I never thought I'd be in love with a nerdess.
by plorqk April 01, 2005
A vanilla flavored soda found mainly in the southern US.
That Big Red soda tastes mighty good!
by plorqk January 14, 2005
1. A random epithet/insult.

2. Somebody who gets their jollies from or is interested in unpopular or potentially/possibly disgusting things.
Did you hear so-and-so has a brain tumor?


You're such a cancer whore.
by plorqk June 24, 2005
a cliche term used on fark.com forums in describing the sexual desirability of someone.
Lindsay Lohan, I'd hit it.
by plorqk February 11, 2005

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