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A best friend for life. Comes from the acronym, BFFL.
Liz and Erica are totally biffels.
by Erica P. November 28, 2005
Best Friends.
like BFFL.
thank you Olga for that great word.
i am forever worthy or you and it!

Olga and i are biffel's. i got it's back. it's got mine!
by ilovejonasbrothers September 01, 2008
A best friend for life. Comes from the acronym BFFL.
man that KT and Topher sure are the best biffels I've ever seen! THEY ARE SO INSEPARABLE
by poutpoutfish February 21, 2011
A word meaning Boyfriend for Life... started as bffl, then added the I and E to make it a "real" word.
"hey, look! isn't that your biffel over there??"
"yep, that's him!!"
by cpugeek1111 April 12, 2010
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