A term that became famous due to Charlie Sheen's interview with Denise Richards. He was saying that he was not bi-polar but "by winning." Also saying that he does not want to be like those people who go to doctors to tell a said person that they are bi-polar.
Denise: "People say that you are bi-polar? Is that true?"
Charlie: I am not bi-polar I am "Bi Winning."
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by Smitty134 April 07, 2011
Top Definition
Bi-Winning, is a term coined in March 2011 by actor Charlie Sheen. Meaning winning on the ultimate level, the term was used by Sheen as a counter description to his erratic behaviour when a journalist inquired about his mental health. The journalist asked Mr. Sheen if he was "bi-polar" based on his apparent manic episodes. Sheen replied that he was not bi-polar but was in fact "bi-winning" adding "I win here, I win there".
I'm not bi-polar, I'm bi-winning!
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by lchung March 05, 2011
the act of winning both here and there
not to be confused with bi-polar which has low points
Charlie Sheen: I'm bi-winning,
I'm winning here and I'm winning there.
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by blopo March 02, 2011
Biwinning, also written as Bi-winning, is a Charlie Sheen diagnosis that describes the presence of one or more levels of winning-ness. These elevated levels of winning have no correlation to the depressive episodes of bipolar disorder. According to Charlie Sheen’s research; one must “Win here and win there” to be diagnosed as biwinning.

Some of the side effects of biwinning are a passion perceived as anger and hate, prolonged drug-filled nights with porn stars, loss of short and long term memory, and increased tolerance to seven gram rocks. The FDA has not yet approved a cure for biwinning, however initial findings indicate that the blood of a tiger may unlock the secret to a stable and lasting cure.
"I am not bipolar. I am biwinning..." -Charlie Sheen
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by at1014 March 06, 2011
A term coined by famous actor Charlie Sheen. The opposite of bi-polar. Someone who believes that "can't is the cancer of happen" would be described as bi-winning. A bi-winning person is someone with the blood of a tiger and who "bangs seven-gram rocks and finishes 'em, 'cause that's how they roll"
Interviewer: Some are saying that you're bipolar.
Sheen: Wow, what does that mean?
Interviewer: I guess that, you know, you're on two ends of the spectrum.
Sheen: Wow. And then what? What's the cure? Medicine? Make me like them? Not gonna happen. I'm bi-winning. I win here and I win there.
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by drcockrock February 28, 2011
1.Winning over here, AND over there.

2. Opposite of bipolar
Interviewer: Are you Bipolar?

Charlie: Bipolar? Whats that? Im not bipolar, im bi winning.
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by FranciscoTheRobot March 05, 2011
The art of always winning weather your filiming two and a half men or slamming 7 gram rocks.
Liz and Dustin are bi winning
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by oriental express 4 March 08, 2011
When you're just so awesome that you're winning on all sides of the spectrum-you're winning there, and THERE!
Nah, the man is freakin' bi-winning!
#win #epic #awesome #legit #cool
by Jay Dubaya March 03, 2011
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