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To win here and to win there.
I'm not Bi-Polar, i'm Bi-Winning; I win here and I win there.
- Charlie Sheen
by Besnik Gjeka March 12, 2011
Both a physical and mental state in which one wins here and wins there. Symptoms include; confusion, paranoia, banging 7 gram rocks, tiger blood flowing through your veins, epic partying with porn stars, exposing people to magic, and of course winning. In order to become Bi-Winning simply demand more money than you deserve from everyone, neglect children and use an abundance of drugs.
Matt: Excuse me sir, you can't park there that is handicap parking only.

Charlie: No it's not. That's Bi-Winning parking only. winninggggggggg.

Matt: I wish I was Bi-Winning ...
by ABUNDADU March 09, 2011
Not to be confused with being bi-polar, bi-winning is winning on the ultimate level.
I’m not bi-polar, “I’m bi-winning. I win here and I win there.”
by Lil'IslandBabe March 12, 2011
The way charlie sheen describes his lifestyle.
He considers himself a winner of life.
Charlie Sheen- I'm Bi-Winning, i win here and i win there.. now what?
by parrotta94 March 11, 2011
When you win here and you win there, you are in fact, bi-winning.

When you are bi-winning it is also possible to safely take large amounts of drugs.

You can also not die when you are bi-winning.
Charlie: I'm bi-winning. I win here and i win there. Now what?

Charlie: I probably took more than anybody could survive. You know. I was banging 7 grams of rocks, and finishing them, because that's how I roll

Charlie: Dying is for fools.
by ashleyboyo69 March 09, 2011
Total rock star from mars with tiger blood. Who wins here and wins there.
I'm going to do this 7 gram rock and then tap that ass while a couple of millions hit my bank account because I'm bi-winning.
by big Pompa March 09, 2011
A serious disease made aware of by Charlie Sheen, who is currently living it. It involves the spontaneous and involuntary act of winning her and, concurrently, winning there. Could perhaps be attributed to the patient's brain "not from this particular, terrestrial, realm." Currently there is no cure that does not make the afflicted individual "like them."
"Some are saying that you're bipolar?"
"I'm biwinning, I win here and I win there." -Charlie Sheen
by edan127 March 06, 2011