The ability to win "here" and win "there". No to be confused with bi-polar.
Dude #1: Man, did you know Charlie Sheen bangs 7 gram rocks, guy must have tigerblood or something

Dude #2: Dude its how he rolls, he's bi-winning
by TheFARGler March 02, 2011
To win here and to win there.
I'm not Bi-Polar, i'm Bi-Winning; I win here and I win there.
- Charlie Sheen
by Besnik Gjeka March 12, 2011
Winning here, winning there.

A phrase frequently used by the total freakin' rockstar from Mars, Charlie Sheen.
Interviewer: Are you bipolar?
Charlie Sheen: I'm Bi-winning. Winning here, winning there, winning everywhere.
by Rockstar from Mars March 09, 2011
When you win here, there and everywhere. You don't just win - you bi-win. When you're bi-winning, you're just so awesome, you don't lose anywhere.
Charlie Sheen is an example of a perfectly normal, sane human being who isn't bipolar - he's bi-winning. "I'm bi-winning. I win here and I win there - now what?"
by earthelement89 March 14, 2011
Both a physical and mental state in which one wins here and wins there. Symptoms include; confusion, paranoia, banging 7 gram rocks, tiger blood flowing through your veins, epic partying with porn stars, exposing people to magic, and of course winning. In order to become Bi-Winning simply demand more money than you deserve from everyone, neglect children and use an abundance of drugs.
Matt: Excuse me sir, you can't park there that is handicap parking only.

Charlie: No it's not. That's Bi-Winning parking only. winninggggggggg.

Matt: I wish I was Bi-Winning ...
by ABUNDADU March 09, 2011
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