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Someone who pretends they're bisexual to create a scene or uses the fact that they're bisexual to create a scene.

Some qualities of a bi-scene kid:
-Thinks the only reason others dislike them is because they are bi.
-Constantly talks about how they are bi or brings up their same-sex partner when joking about sex. However, they won't do this when they are dating someone of the opposite sex.
-Will say things to remind you that they are bi.
Bi-scene girl: John only hates me because I'm going out with Jenny.

Martin: Don't worry, he probably wants it deep in him, lol.

Bi-scene girl: I want Jenny to do me deep... (Author fgsfdsMASTER sez: how the fuck does that work, lol?)

Martin: Umm, okay... hey, do you think Samantha will go out with me?

Bi-scene girl: I don't know, but I don't think she's as hawt as Jenny though. She's a sexy beast.

Martin: Ugh... why are there so many bi-scene girls?

Bi-scene girl: You know what, your just a hater like John! Your jealous of me and my hot babe!
by fgsfdsMASTER March 16, 2009
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