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Text-message version of a booty-call.
That ho is totally bexting me again. It's past midnight, she just wants to get laid.
by ROC Urbanity August 18, 2008
A poorly proof read text; also including auto correct, inappropriate punctuation, and completely nonsensical words because the individual typing hasn't taken two seconds to read what they just typed.
"Whatr are yihvdiung?"
"Bexting aga I n?"

"Oops soery."
by Bexter99 October 12, 2013
Text messaging for the sole purpose of obtaining booty. Frequently done poorly while drinking.
Sometimes if Sharon drinks too much boxed wine, she engages in bexting so that her friends don't hear her begging for booty.
by midget85742 August 29, 2008
Texting a person while taking a bath.
Sarah was totally bexting Dustin last night.
by Leroy____ July 18, 2011
Texting while biking.
Dude I totally saw someone bexting while walking to work.
by DriveByBexting February 17, 2011
backseat texting - similar to backseat driving. when you are texting someone and a friend is calling out what to say or what you have have written.
Tim: (texting friend) come downstairs we're almost there.
Mike: you should have told him we're here already.
Tim: thanks for bexting, next time you do the texting.
by thatg1rl August 24, 2009
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