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(n.) A rare phenomenon where an ex-boyfriend/girlfriend has become one of your better friends since the break-up. A combination of "ex" and "bestie".
"I always see you with Amanda. Didn't you guys break up?"
"Yeah, but we're bexies now. We're always hanging out."
by Unit Circle June 09, 2014
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1. (n) A tubelike passageway in the female that connects the external genitals with the uterus. (aka vagina)

2. A white '97 honda accord
"Nobody's spraying my bexie!" (in reference to spray tans)
by hermslice November 17, 2009
Bexie is the name for someone that can be easily misunderstood and their opinion is often not heard.
Natalia: Ugh that little boy over there seems so misunderstood and not happy...
Maddi: He's probably just another Bexie...
by Madbone February 10, 2014

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