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Better than sexy. Derived from the terms Becky and Sexy, it is used to describe an extremely attractive human being, usually with the birth name Rebecca. This term is not to be used lightly. The specified individual must illustrate pristine bodily features that go above and beyond even the strictest standards. A quality test for one's ability to be honored with such a word is the frequency of JIMP's due to the person's presence.
Conan: Dayum, she's sexy.
Jay: SEXY?! how dare you use such a low and derogatory term to describe such a sweet, sensual body?!

Conan: Huh?
Jay: She's not sexy Conan, she's BEXY; have you ever seen a finer and more beautiful young woman?

Conan: No.. :(
Jay: Exactly!, you ignorant freak!
by JJ517 January 21, 2010

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