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The consumption of alcohol, usually beer.
My friends and I are going to the local Pub to do some beveraging.

I have aquired a beveraging problem and seek the help of A.A..
by William Winter January 25, 2004
Enjoying alcoholic concoctions with friends
Shall we go beveraging after work.

Last night I got so beveraged
by J-gee January 10, 2010
going to your favorite club and partaking in alcoholic concoctions of the Labatts Blue nature, and having a great fucking time doing it
'Time for beveraging'
'Headed out beveraging'
"tis a great night for beveraging'
by NFallsBeverager January 07, 2012
The act of drinking alcoholic beverages in an aggressive manner.
Guy 1: Yo, Guy 2, you going HAM this weekend?
Guy 2: Yeah mang, my boys and I are gonna be beve-raging Saturday night at the club.
by Tedwords May 28, 2014
to consume non-alcoholic beverages
"Would like to beverage with me over some coffee?"
"Sure, I'd love to go beveraging with you!"
by drinkwater! February 02, 2010
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