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What drinks are when they're not allowed somewhere.
Sign: "No food or beverages"

You: "What the fuck is a beverage?"
#drink #liquid #thirst-quencher #drank #concoction
by ex-cretin September 17, 2010
A newly-established term stemming from the internet social network crowd, meaning to remove someone from a list of friends. The term is misleading because usually neither of you were friends to begin with. "Defriending" is essentially a way of cutting off already useless communication with cyber-people.
Typical Person: "I had to totally defriend Margaret Mary. I don't want that slut looking at my profile anymore."

Sarcastic Person: "Sounds like the breakup was hard on everyone."
#remove #bitch out #de-list #block #befriend
by ex-cretin November 21, 2009
1: The combination of semi-average looking prostitutes who apparently aren't looking to get laid any time soon and a disturbingly obnoxious phrase taken from one of the internet's many social "geniuses".

2: 15 dollars for a shirt that says "lol".
Snoorgtees Ad Exec: "Would you care to fill out this Snorgtees survey?"

You: "Get Bent."

Ad Exec: "That's great! We can use it on a shirt with a picture of something bent!"

You: "Get fucked by a horse!"

Ad Exec: "That's great!"
#shitpile #fagwear #vomit #tees #ripoff
by ex-cretin October 28, 2009
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