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1) Used to describe eyes that are prominent (i.e., eyes that sit forward in the face), very large and attractive like legendary actress Bette Davis.

2) A 1981 Number 1 hit single by Kim Carnes (it was the best selling record of 1981).
Her eyes are beautiful - she has Bette Davis eyes.
by SLJ924 July 24, 2009
When a female falls asleep and a male masterbates and ejaculates into the woman's eyes and then holds her eyes open until the cum dries, she wakes up all wide eyed like legendary actress Bette Davis with respect to the Kim Carnes song of the same name.
"That bitch wouldn't shut up so when she fell asleep I stroused off and she woke up with some Bette Davis Eyes"
by Chunky Lou May 07, 2008
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