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Ignoring your problems until they boil over into other lives; then when they confront you about it you act like you can hear everything they are saying except if it regards your problems.
"Beth you didn't put oil in the car and now the engine has stopped"-me


"HELLO!!! I am trying to talk to you about the broken car in the driveway"-me

Beth changes the channel on the tv

"Well then how was your day?"-me

"Oh it was good" Beth

Later that day

Mom-"Did you talk to Beth about what happened to the car?"

me-" No she was totally bething me"
by BethDixon85 April 16, 2014
To leave/forget someone behind.
We're bething La-a, and going to the beach without her.
by polo1995 August 05, 2011
Swearing on a constant basis while playing volleyball. It can be either beach or court volleyball.
As the night at volleyball continued, I frequently was bething due to my poor play on the court.
by vball_phenom88 May 14, 2010
Stressing out about pointless things.
Stop bething about it! Its not important!
by leedsmet10/11 October 25, 2010

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