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Usually used my trannies commonly means the same as "Bitch" but bitch with out the i and with an e makes it mean more!!
(Shoe salesS women)Are u sure u can fit this shoe cause ur feet are kinda big(pause)Yea.....Yea......yea.....Yea, and by the way BETCH!!!!!FUCK YOU!!
by Porsha August 15, 2006
27 106
A betch is another way of saying "Bitch" except it sounds a million times better and makes you feel cool!
Let me borrow that top, Betch!
Those shoes are mine, betch!
by raygun August 13, 2006
2125 631
1. (n) A saleswoman at a shoe store
2. (n) Your twin brother who gets a car and a computer for his birthday while you get a large purple dragon plush toy.
3. (n) A bitch who won't give you any condamns

"These shoes are mine betch!"
"I'm gonna betchslap you shetbag!"
" the way betch, FUCK YOU!"
"let's partay, betch"
"Betch, these shoes are 300 FUCKING dollars. Let's get 'em"
by drgmark35 November 04, 2006
1395 533
If you don't want to be called a betch, don't mess with Kelly or her shoes, always let her borrow your top if she asks, and never break up with her in a txt message. If you do, you may also get a douche bag in the mail.
"I'm gunna betch slap you shet bag"
"Don't be a betch"
"Fuck you fat betch, oh yea I said your fat"
by devinnnnnnnnnnnnn December 02, 2006
755 459
The way a stupid ass airheaded whore says 'Bitch.' This girl usually says other intelligent things like 'Oh my Gawd!! Shut up!' and 'Who's jizz is on my face?' Additionally, this brain dead cum gargler usually wears tons of make-up, fake color contacts, a spray tan, hair extensions and has a tramp stamp. Generally it takes a minimum of 5 years out of high school for this girl to become an obese moron with several children and a dodge neon with a Roxy sticker on the back window and a Hawaiian Lei necklace hanging from the rear view mirror.
I'm so drunk betch!
by TheEducatorOfYourSoul June 05, 2011
340 43
a bagel egg tomato cheese and ham sandwich
make me one of those betch sandwiches betch
by mistergreengenius October 06, 2008
300 19
A young woman who wears ugg boots, uses fake tanner, generally wears too much makeup and uses the word "Whet" frequently in conversation. Can be seen in the highest frequency at most of today's large city college campuses.
Person A: Oh my god, did you see that betch? Ooompa Loompa Ooompadity doo
Person B: I've got another Puzzle for you!

Person A: I tried to get on the green line in Boston but...
Person B: But what? Too many betches??????
Person A: ....yes
by Kevin Schoonmaker February 12, 2008
282 24
one's way to say "beach" usually said by elderly
Kids: what do u guys want to do today?

Grandpa: Lets go to the Betch!
by pume June 30, 2009
266 24