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one's way to say "beach" usually said by elderly
Kids: what do u guys want to do today?

Grandpa: Lets go to the Betch!
by pume June 30, 2009
one's way to say "you faggot" usually said by they elderly.
punk ass kids: lets throw eggs at this house!!crack!!

Grandpa:you foggot's dont egg my house!!?!?
by pume June 29, 2009
one's way to say "shit" in a non bad way
Man: i'm sick of your s-h-i-t-e!

other man: oh your sick of my "shite".
by pume June 29, 2009
Fuck ass nigga Stormy!!!
This Bitch just hung up on me...Jesus take the wheel
by Pume March 09, 2015
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