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The shortened form of Besbian: (n) a Bieber-Lesbian. Derived from the older form- Lesbians Who Look Like Justin Bieber.
"I saw this guy who totally looked like Justin Bieber in my class. But then it turned out he was a she."

"Omg, a real life Besbo!"
by Pinkgasm September 12, 2012
besbo is a cross between a bitch and lesbo. at lunch my friends and i were talking about this one girl abd so we came up with besbo
omg that girl is such a besbo
by kdjfksdjfkldfj January 31, 2007
Two lesbians who are best friend but who have an entirely platonic relationship. It doesn't only apply to lesbians; it can be lesbian/bi or even bi/bi.
"Wow you and Jane are pretty you two date?"
"No we're just besbos."
by ebkf November 18, 2008

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