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Bryn is a name that, in different languages, means the following:


It's a perfectly acceptable name and doesn't mean anything bad! Yeah it's also the name of me but I'm wicked cool.
Christina: Hey Bryn!
Bryn: Hi.
by ebkf May 01, 2005
Someone who has six more years of school to go. A seventh grader. Term namely used at Boston Latin School. Can be a term of affection or an insult, or if you don't know the name of someone in the seventh grade.
Upperclassman: Hey, sixie, do you have Haritos for science?
Sixie: Yeah, I'm in Cluster A!
by ebkf May 01, 2005
Apparantly the first school in America, but that's okay. Founded in 1635. Also called BLS. GO WOLFPACK!!!!!!!!!!
Sixth grader: I got accepted to Boston Latin School!
Mom: Wow good job honey it's the first school in the country!
by ebkf May 01, 2005
A word that is a mix of cool and sweet. It means the same as both of those, except intensified because it's both cool and sweet. I accidently stumbled across it when trying to say "cool" but switched to "sweet" halfway.
"Whoa that's a pretty kweet pen!"
by ebkf April 24, 2006
An eighth grader. One who has five more years of school to go. Namely used at Boston Latin School, and the fivesies love to taunt and tease the sixies because they were teased as sixies. GO WOLFPACK!!!!!!!
Fivesie: Hey did you know you gotta chose a second language in eighth grade?
Sixie: NOOOOOOOO! I'm already failing English and Latin!!!!!!!!
by ebkf May 01, 2005
To watch the television show VERONICA MARS.
Hey wanna come over and VeMa?
by ebkf June 16, 2007
A person (male or female) who hovers around the kitchen whenever someone else is in it because they believe it to be THEIR territory and doesn't think anyone else can function properly in the kitchen. A portmanteau of "kitchen" and "hovercraft".
Person 1: Uh-oh, Tom's correcting Laurie on her cooking.
Person 2: The kitchencraft has landed.
by ebkf January 10, 2009

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