Any girl/woman who has a child, but normally referring to one's own mother.
Sometimes shortened to 'bez'
I'm too pissed to drive, better call my beryl.
by The Ant October 11, 2006
Top Definition
the most beautiful and amazing girl in this world. She makes me feel perfect whenever im with her. Have you ever heard the quote "It takes that one person to make you realize why it never worked with anyone else"? well for me shes that one person.
I love you Beryl
by 06.08.10 November 07, 2010
A name for a girl, a particularly old sounding name to be precise. British in origin. The name means 'beautiful jewel' though in reality, the word beryl is from a mineral called beryl-- the state mineral of NH.
Beryl is such a nice girl.
by rayya March 11, 2009
A crazy old crackpot who usually shows up during math class.
Yo, man, I was in math yesterday, and this freaky looking old lady came in, knocked on my desk, gave me a creepy stare, then walked backwards out of the room. She waited outside the door for like 5 whole minutes, and then just left. She comes in like, every second math class. I heard her name was like, Beryl Woodsworth or something.
by beryl-was-here March 24, 2010
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