1. A ronin or warrior mostly found in viking and some slavic cultures who pledge allegience to no master and with nothing left to loose but life itself which is often the test of their sanity and strength once the battle is done.

2. Anyone who goes balls out and gets completely lost in the moment like a maniac on a destroying mission. They are likely to damage themselves or things they should care about in the process of total destruction.

3. Anyone exhibiting insane fury and reckless savagery.

4. Dischordian element in the creative process which acts rapidly and takes no prisoners.
A beserker might be heard saying something like "Kill 'em all and let god sort 'em out."

I went berserker on his ass and I think he got the point.

We set loose the berserkers to clear the field before we sent out the couriers.

by thee radical eclectic August 16, 2006
viking warriors who would put a tight strip of leather around the the scrotum which would constrict blood flow to the testicles and cause a heightened resistance to pain or injury and make them nearly unstoppable in battle.
those berserkers must've had sore nuts all the time
by nimrod April 22, 2005
A woman who actively and agressively seeks out opportunities to display her oral sex abilities. This may also apply to other sexual advances. Her agressiveness in said area is akin to the Norse warriors from the days of yore.
That chick was a total berserker. She sucked like 50 dicks.
by foghelmut March 14, 2005
When a Man is Fingering a woman with his index finger and she is laying on her back, then while she isn't expecting it, he puts his ring and pinky finger in her butt.

This one ups the Shocker
Man 1: Dude, I had Lisa on her back and she was getting really into me fingering her, so I gave her the ol' Berserker

Man 2: Fucking sweet dude.
by iPenis March 18, 2008
something that is crazy and gets out of hand
that wedding was berserker, there were people fighting all over
1.Someone who is "souled" out for Jesus and will stop at nothing to deliver the Gospel even if it means to end up a martyr.
2.A Christian who represents for Jesus that will get rowdy and out of control while keeping everything Godly
3.Someone who undergoes uncontrollable laughter in an exciting situation while their body has rhythmic spasms
1.Man that brotha over their is a true Berserker foe Christ!
2.That freaking Berserker Nathan was outta control at the 116 Clique Concert!
3.Jacob is the main Berserker when he laughs!
by NATO P. May 07, 2008
The Codename for the Schwarz member from Weiss Kreuz, Farfello
Berserker is considered insane... =)
by Farfello April 28, 2004
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