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A females name. The weirdest girl you will ever meet. An amazing friend. Everybody loves her and she usually has big boobs. She is gorgeous and all the guys flirt with her. You have to get to know her to love her to the fullest.
God i wish i had a Berit.
by 3oh3cocacola April 08, 2011
Best person you will ever meet. She is kindhearted, nice , awesome, and has the biggest boobs you will ever see. Everyone loves her and wants to date her. When you have a Berit on you side there nothing you can't do. She is stronger and will protect her friends and loved ones at all times. She is loved by all and is the most popular among kids and adults.
Look at the girl with the huge crowed and the biggest boobs I have ever seen!
That must be a Berit.
by geniuschick December 15, 2014
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