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To suck off an entire countryside of Irishmen.
I bergy'd yesterday... I can only taste Guinness.
by Ormi August 12, 2004
A guy that acts gay, has a small penis, and is on way too many websites.
Bergy, you're a homo.
by Nate Luke May 11, 2003
I DOOOOOOOO have small penis.
by Bergy August 24, 2003
The Best Man evar.
Bergy is the fucking man. If i were a chick i would fuck him.
by or not. I'm funnay. September 04, 2003
Bergy for Mod.
Bergy for Bogey in 2004.
by Bergy May 11, 2003
Tuluvas 4 mod, bergy for tuluvas bogey for bergy lincoln for banned.
(im high yo)
by tuluvas September 03, 2003