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Better than goatse. The camera man got just the right angle for this one.

Origins: the Forumer know as Ferreousfrom the Penny Arcade Forums, linked Bergy, and then Bergy pm'd it to boddah, and the rest is history. Lensman history.
I lensman'd that ma'fucka.
by Bergy November 10, 2003
A breeding ground of stupidity and randomness.
The Penny Arcade Forum wil forever be my home.
by Bergy November 10, 2003
I DOOOOOOOO have small penis.
by Bergy August 24, 2003
Ferreous is a forumer at the Penny Arcade Forums, he's a dirty hippie.
Ferreous needs to cut his fucking hair.
by Bergy November 10, 2003
A critical bastard.
You're a critical bastard, slung.
by Bergy November 30, 2003
Bergy for Mod.
Bergy for Bogey in 2004.
by Bergy May 11, 2003
Bergy 10 years from now sent back in time to save the world.
Bogey for Bergy in 2004.
by Bergy May 11, 2003

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